Like my writing style? Want to see something you dreamed up in my words? Now you can have the best of both worlds with a commission from Sly Rabbit himself! These commissions come in two flavors:

1. Poetry. I will write a short piece of poetry for you (up to 60 lines, or whatever we can agree upon.) Price is $5 per poem under thirty lines, $7 for a poem above thirty lines.

2. Short Story. I will write a short story for you. Price is $0.02 cents/word, which puts a 1000-word story right at $20.00. (Most of the examples on my website weigh in at around 1000-1500 words.)

The rules are pretty simple: you provide me with a premise, characters, important details, and an e-mail address/online chat account.  I get in contact with you for a consultation, where we discuss the story in question.  (Plot, tone, setting, and most importantly length/price will be hashed out at this time.)  Once we agree on the tale, you pay half the agreed price.  I write the tale, show it to you, make sure you're happy with it, and then you pay the other half of the commission price.  Pretty simple, hmm?

Rules are as follows:

  1. I don't write porn.  Period.
  2. Less is more.  The less nitty-gritty detail you give me, the better your tale will turn out.  Writers have this funny way of making a tale work out in the end.  (I also consider that bit of wiggle room to be the author's form of "artistic interpretation.")
  3. Be aware that I will try to shape and hone your short story.  Some plot arcs just aren't made for the format; as such, if something comes down the pike that's too complex for a short story I may help you sharpen it to a more poignant plotline.  (On the other hand, if the plot arc is good I may consider a longer story to accommodate.)
  4. My commission pieces won't go over 2000 words unless I really like the concept.  Sorry, but I won't write someone else's novel for them.
  5. Unfortunately, my time is limited.  Commissions will be taken on a "Austin has time" basis -- that is, if my life gets hectic or commissions pile up you may go on a waiting list.

Here are some examples of my comission work:

Still with me?  Still want me to write for you?  Send an e-mail to slyfordtrabbit AT yahoo DOT com , only with the proper punctuation.

Be sure to include the following: