A commission for Ninnin and Matthias

The snow swirls and eddies at our window
and drifts make mountains in the grass.
Inside we're sitting on our favorite couch
watching slow, snowy winter hours pass.
The TV might be on, maybe, or radio
turned down low enough that I can't hear
through my rabbit's thick, gray fur—
Not that it matters when he's so near.

Time slows down when we're here
Together. Every other moment is just so
Fast. You can't
Talk when you're
Always playing
Catch-up or
Traveling every which way.

But here, in this snowy moment, where
Nothing enters and nothing leaves,
we're Together. In love.
To him – to me – it's another wonderful life
That'll stand still just long enough for
Soft jazz music and a good cuddle
To warm up the winter night.


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