My Portfolio

In an attempt to support some up-and-coming story websites as well as forward my own career as a writer, I have removed all stories from my personal website. What follows instead is a collection of links leading you to websites like Shifti-Wiki, e-zines like "TSAT" and "ANTHRO," and an ever-updated list of publications I've appeared in. The pickings are slim right now but I hope to change that with time.

If these aren't good options for you, you can try these other four methods of watching my writing:

-Commission me! I love writing stories for other people.

-Friend me on LiveJournal; I post all my stories there. (This is dependent on who you are and how well I know you, so it's not a great option)

-Join the tsa-talk mailing list. (By far the easiest way, and you get to read a lot of awesome writers!)

-If there's a specific story that you wish to read that is no longer posted here, e-mail me at slyfordtrabbit AT yahoo DOT com with your inquiry. I've handed out stories before and will probably do it again soon.


Publications: Stories

Upcoming: "Dances," appearing in Anthrolations issue #9 (byline: Slyford T. Rabbit)


Publications: Poetry


Appearanes: Story Websites/Shared Story Universes