What is furry?

Yes, I know many of you are confused now. Sly Rabbit? This is supposed to be Austin's site, isn't it?


At its core, Furry is a fandom for people who like anthropormorphic (humanized) animal characters. That's about a simple a description as you'll find anywhere on the internet. Some Furries draw pictures and some Furries write stories; other Furries wear costumes and other furries just buy what the other Furries make. It simply doesn't get any more complicated than that.


Furry isn't what's portrayed in the media. Some of you may have seen a CSI episode featuring Furries, or a documentary looking at the strange lifestyles we Furries "live." That's just not what Furry is about. Period. Despite the minimum-wage, fat-guy-still-living-with-his-mother stereotype, many furries are successful professionals, married, possibly raising children. They are the doctor checking your temprature, the software coder on your Microsoft products, the guy at the plant rolling steel for your car. We're level-headed people who just so happen to like anthropomorphic animals.


There is no really good reason.

I think the fandom, for me, represents a simpler time in our lives where imagination and playtime were co-rulers of the universe.  I fight to keep a hold on that little piece of imagination, that fleeting phase in every child's life where they want to be someone else, acting out the daily life of a cat or dog or fox or mermaid or what-have-you until their parents tell them to stop their silliness and grow up.  I refused to let it go -- that, or it refused to let me go. Furry is a buoy to which I can attach that childhood whimsy.

Or, in other words, I just like it.


What do furries do?

Furries do exactly what you'd expect them to do: work their jobs, pay their taxes, hang with friends on the weekend. I apologize if this isn't what you expected, but the truth of the matter is that we're just like any other group of people.

When it comes to doing "Furry stuff," your mileage may vary.  Some write.  Some draw.  Some create costumes (AKA "Fursuits"), which can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Oh, and some people make porn. Yes. It happens. But, then again, people make porn out of everything. (See "Rule 34" on the internet.)


I hope this little once-over of furry helps to clear up any problems or questions you have. If you're still confused, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll answer any questions.