Morning Commute in Olney, IL

A commission for Kris

Six AM.
Birds are singing and I’m chewing the instant breakfast walnut
Nestled in my cheek.
Grassy Path Three Twenty to Great Oak One.
The speed limit’s lower today
(New kids on the tree)
but I’m too late to listen.

Exit on branch three
Jumping junction to Old Pine Two.
(Too many knotholes.)
I chitter at familiar faces as I pass them by and realize that
White’s the popular color on the all the new models.

Cross the garden path and I’m on the Willow Skyline
Just in time for my shift.
I let my body shimmy and shiver.
And try to look good for the patrons.
(Humans pay extra when you’re pathetic.)
It’s not exactly what I saw myself doing when I left the nest
But hey.
It’s a living.


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