Feasox Frankenstein

A commission for Jaggs.

I’ve done what?
No sir. I’m afraid you have the wrong person.
Cute isn’t really my style.
Let’s talk villainy, sir. Have you seen my
Latest plan?
Zombie mimes will be storming a town
Near you.
(Scared they’ll trap you in a little glass box, huh?)
Such evil genius can’t possibly take a cute form.

Besides... you say I was purring?
That’s kitten stuff.
Far below the great and mighty
To deal with such trifles.

Oh, now surely, you jest!
I was really a kitten, you say?
Poppycock! I should send you to the
Cybernetic Mallard Duck Tank for even mentioning such idiocies!
Feasoxes are clearly not kittens, and kittens not feasoxes.

(Why, you ask? It just is. I’m the evil genius, you are not. Simple.)

Now, if you are finished
Accusing me of silly,
Nonsensical cute-ities
I have a yarn ball and
Catnip to attend to.
Good day, sir.


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